Online Training

TrainRight's Online Child Abuse Awareness & Prevention Training Program takes approximately 1 hour to complete. The Program includes 25 True/False and Multiple Choice questions to ensure that trainees have sufficiently learned the materials which cover the following information:

Program Content

  1. The definitions of Physical Child Abuse, Emotional Child Abuse, and Neglect, and Sexual Child Abuse;
  2. The physical and behavioral signs that can indicate the potential presence of child abuse;
  3. The methods that sexual child abusers use to gain access to their victims; and
  4. The rules and methods that can be used to help protect children and youth and prevent the occurrence of child abuse in your organization

Testing & Certification

The Online Program provides periodic questions during the course. A cumulative score of at least 70% is required to pass the Course and receive a Certificate of Successful Completion. This Certificate of Completion will be valid for a period of 2 years for certification of Youth Camp workers in the State of Texas and can be used by other organizations as certification of meeting the organization'��s own policy regarding training of staff and volunteers who come into contact with children or youth. Certificates of Completion are available online for clients and trainees to access whenever needed.

Initiating Service

Open or download and print from our website the simple no obligation contract package below. Sign and complete the information on authorized users. Fax the signed contract to us at 1 888 609-2029. We will set up your account and email you instructions to start using the service.

Contract Package